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Trials, PoCs and Demos


Where can I see a demo?

The best way to see how Cryptosense Analyzer works is to book a demo. We’ll show you the types of things Cryptosense Analyzer can find and explain more about the benefits of trace analysis.

Prerequisites for a Trial

What do I need for a trial?

  • A SaaS account at, provided by Cryptosense. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial.
  • A Java application that you can build and run in a development environment.

How do I choose which application to test?

The application should be one that uses cryptography, but aside from this requirement, Cryptosense Analyzer can be useful on any application. Some clients have chosen the application that uses cryptography the most, others have chosen an application that has already been audited by hand, and some the application closest to being released in a new version – all with success.

If you are unsure whether an application uses cryptography, you can check its class and JAR files using the Cryptosense Static Scanner tool.

Data Protection

How will Cryptosense protect my data?

All the data collected by Cryptosense Analyzer SaaS edition is stored on Amazon Web Services servers. For more information on the security measures used by AWS to protect your data see: For details of how we code securely and pen-test our service, get in touch.

What will happen to my data?

All rights to your data are maintained by you. We provide the ability to easily export your data and take it elsewhere, if desired. Your data will never be shared with or sold to a third party. Whilst your account remains active you have full access to your information, for viewing or transfer, at any time. Information can be downloaded in a variety of formats.