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PKCS#11 Fuzzer Howto

Basic usage

The fuzzer is an executable that runs a set of standard baseline tests on a PKCS#11 device. It will create a CST file containing all of the tests and results, to be uploaded to the Analyzer web platform for analysis.

./cs-fuzzer --dll DLL --slot-index SLOT --pin PIN --output TRACE
  • DLL is the location of the PKCS#11 driver DLL (usually a .so on Linux and a .dll on Windows).
  • SLOT is the index of the slot you want to test (default is the first slot, of index 0). You can also select a slot with with --slot-id , --slot-description or --token-label .
  • PIN is the user PIN code for the token which is in this particular slot.
  • TRACE is the name of CST file the tests are written to.

Warning: Supplying the wrong combination of PIN and slot may cause the device to become PIN-locked.

More command-line options

To get information about the available options, run:

./cs-fuzzer --help

See our detailed reference manual for more features.