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Getting started with Analyzer for Java

Basic Trial

Use preloaded data to explore what Analyzer can do.

Step 1

Login to your Analyzer account and click on Sample Trace in the 'Traces' tab.

Select sample trace

Step 2

Click 'Generate Report', then explore the results. More information about reports in our support pages.

Generate Report

Advanced Trial

Analyse your own Java application for crypto flaws, key usage stats, and more.

To do this you will need to generate your own trace (a .cst file) from the Java application you want to test using our agent.

Step 1

Login to your Analyzer account and download our Java tracer agent from the 'Traces' tab.

Generate Report

Step 2

Run your application's standard integration tests with the tracer agent attached to generate a .cst file. Read the HOWTO.

Step 3

Upload your .cst file to Analyzer for analysis.

Upload Trace

Step 4

Select your trace and click 'Generate Report'.

Generate report


See our other support pages for more information. Or get in touch with our support staff