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.NET Tracer Installation


  • Linux 64-bit: .NET Core 3.0+ or .NET Framework 4.7+
  • Windows 32-bit or 64-bit: .NET Core 2.0+ or .NET Framework 4.7+


The Cryptosense .NET tracer is distributed as a zip archive. You will have a zip file cs-dotnet-tracer-<VERSION>.zip. When you unzip the package, you will have a directory cs-dotnet-tracer-<VERSION> containing the following files:

├── cs_dotnet_tracer_32.dll
├── cs_dotnet_tracer_64.dll

You may move those files to anywhere you want on your system. They do not need to remain inside the cs-dotnet-tracer-<VERSION> directory.

On Windows, you will only need the two .dll files. On Linux, you will only need the .so file.