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CAP Changelog

This is the list of version numbers of the Cryptosense Analyzer Platform and their deployment dates in SaaS at Each version number is shown with a list of changes brought by that version.

22.05.8 - 2022-05-25

  • Update dependencies to secure versions. The security of CAP was not affected overall.
  • Fix stored XSS on the certificates details page. This vulnerability could be triggered through manipulated traces. No indication of attempted attacks were found, but if you have CAP on-premises, upgrading is highly recommended.

22.05.7 - 2022-05-24

  • Update dependencies to secure versions. The security of CAP was not affected overall.
  • Fix analysis of certain libssl traces.
  • Fix the analysis of Fermat attack on RSA to mark safe RSA keys as "Passed".

22.05.6 - 2022-05-19

  • Fix totalCount field for some connections in the GraphQL API (for example: ReportConnection in a Project).
  • Improve error message in the GraphQL API when the ID of a profile, project, trace or report can't be found by the server.

22.05.5 - 2022-05-06

  • Rules specific to the Host Scanner are no longer included in FIPS specific profiles.
  • Improved appearance of the organization certificate details page.
  • Fix analysis of certain certificate chains picked up by the host scanner.

22.05.4 - 2022-05-05

  • Maintenance release.

22.05.3 - 2022-05-04

  • Maintenance release.

22.05.2 - 2022-05-03

  • Maintenance release.

22.05.1 - 2022-05-03

  • Maintenance release.

22.05.0 - 2022-05-02

  • Add rule for Java applications: Psychic signatures (CVE-2022-21449).
  • Add rule for hosts and applications: Fermat attack on RSA (CVE-2022-26320).
  • Sanitize Venafi instance URL: a trailing slash no longer causes invalid links to be generated by CAP.
  • Add createdAt date field to trace and report types in GraphQL API.
  • Remove api field from project type in GraphQL API.
  • Add deleteReport mutation to GraphQL API.
  • Improve appearance of organization key details page.
  • Improve parsing of PKCS#11 usage traces.

22.04.3 - 2022-04-15

  • Improve performance of the organization keys page.

22.04.2 - 2022-04-14

  • Improve loading time for report keys page.

22.04.1 - 2022-04-14

  • New organization certificates tab.
  • New page to display details of a key at the organization level.
  • Fix broken link in trace upload tutorial
  • Fix keys tab filter to stop hiding keys of unknown length

22.04.0 - 2022-04-04

  • Existing projects are no longer tied to a specific type of trace and can now contain any type of trace allowed by the organization.

22.03.7 - 2022-03-31

  • Fix a bug that would appear when the wrong files are uploaded to recent projects.
  • Add a keptByFilters: Boolean parameter to ReportDone.instances field in the GraphQL API.

22.03.6 - 2022-03-18

  • Add "Cryptosense 2022" profiles for everyone.
  • Check if a profile can be deleted before asking the user for confirmation.

22.03.5 - 2022-03-16

  • Add Jira integration:
    • The link to a Jira instance can be configured in the "Integrations" tab.
    • Users can then export individual findings as Jira issues.
    • Findings can also be exported in batches.
  • Add a Host Scanner download button for users authorized to analyze host scans.
  • Improve performance of dashboards for key store statistics coming from newly generated host scanner reports. This doesn't affect performance for existing reports.
  • Improve report generation performance when the organization has a lot of keys.
  • Add "Date Uploaded" and "Uploaded By" to traces in the project "Traces" tab.
  • Fix rule and instance counts in report export printable view.

22.03.4 - 2022-03-09

  • Update text shown only to users of the free demo account.

22.03.3 - 2022-03-09

  • Maintenance release.

22.03.2 - 2002-03-08

  • Add 5 new application analysis rules related to post-quantum readiness. Those rules are disabled by default.
  • Add a new "Post Quantum Readiness" builtin profile using only the aforementioned rules

22.03.1 - 2022-03-04

  • Fix a bug where the severity of certificate digest findings in host scan reports was not set to low for self-signed certificates inside keystores.

22.03.0 - 2022-03-02

  • Fix potential database synchronization issues associated with the organization keys table and automated deletion of old reports.
  • Fix overflow of a table in the report print view.

22.02.4 - 2022-02-18

  • Add a completedAt: String field to the Report type in the GraphQL API.
  • Add a url: String field to the Instance type in the GraphQL API.

22.02.3 - 2022-02-16

  • Fix CSV export of findings: the file was empty for some types of reports.

22.02.2 - 2022-02-15

  • Add new application analysis rule: "Asymmetric key-transport key outside cryptoperiod".
  • Enforce the uniqueness of project names within each organization.
  • In host scan reports, set severity of certificate digest findings to low if the certificate is self-signed.

22.02.1 - 2022-02-08

  • Maintenance release.

22.02.0 - 2022-02-01

  • Add organization keys tab. This shows all keys found in reports generated from now on. To see keys from old reports, you will need to run them again.

22.01.4 - 2022-01-31

  • Add help tooltips for some certificate filters: "Self-signed" and "CA certificates".
  • Improve performance of the "Certificates" tabs in all analyzer reports.

22.01.3 - 2022-01-21

  • Fix database migration script.

22.01.2 - 2022-01-21

  • Add pagination information (page number and next/previous page links) to the bottom of paginated lists.
  • Fix serialization and parsing of some key metadata.

22.01.1 - 2022-01-14

  • Fix issue with the filters for self-signed and CA certificates that caused some certificates to be hidden.
  • Add filters for key lengths to the keys and certificates tabs.

22.01.0 - 2022-01-10

  • Hide the "has-private-key" attribute in the key detail page for symmetric keys.

21.12.2 - 2021-12-29

  • Improve the performance of the "Keys" tab in host scanner reports, especially when the database contains a large number of file entries.

21.12.1 - 2021-12-20

  • Add the following rules to Java analysis:
    • Invalid certificate
    • Certificate validity too long
  • Extract certificates from KeyStore.getCertificateChain calls in Java.
  • Show organization name on dashboard.

21.12.0 - 2021-12-13

  • Add filters for key file type in host scanner reports
  • Add filters for self-signed and CA certificates for Java and host scanner reports.
  • Operations are now ordered by last call
  • Include Host Scanner rules into tracer profiles
  • Display compatible APIs for rules on the profile page
  • Improve performance of the keys tab in host scan reports.
  • New projects are multi-type, they can handle multiple trace types at once and summarize them.

21.11.3 - 2021-11-26

  • Fix parsing of X.509 certificate extensions, which caused wrong interpretations of whether some certificates are CA certificates or not.

21.11.2 - 2021-11-25

  • On the certificate details page, show whether a certificate is self-signed or a CA certificate.
  • Added certificate expiration and stale key warning limits to the profile.

21.11.1 - 2021-11-18

  • Display file type in key information column for keys tab in host scan reports.
  • Fix bug where all key files in a host scan were categorized as SSH keys. Key files are now categorized as SSH, PGP, PKCS#8, etc.
  • Change location stats computation: previously it was counting instances; now it counts locations and the maximum severity per location.

21.11.0 - 2021-11-16

  • First numbered version.